Jay Glazer Almost Got Into A Fist Fight With Peyton Manning During A Drinking Contest

Jay Glazer is one of the best NFL insiders in the league.

Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport may be more visible these days – but it’s Glazer who’s regarded as the best-connected insider.

He’s also known to be quite a funny guy.. He recalled a heated altercation with none other than legendary quarterback Peyton Manning during a wild incident at the 2007 Pro Bowl.

Known for his MMA-style training and background, Glazer is not someone most would want to mess with. However, during the Pro Bowl festivities in 2007, tensions ran high as an attempt to break former safety John Lynch’s record of drinking 34 Mai Tais led to a tense clash.

Lynch, a Hall of Famer and one of the sport’s greatest hitters, was celebrating his Pro Bowl appearance after a 15-year career.

A group of players, including Glazer, were engaged in the spirited pursuit of breaking Lynch’s record when Peyton Manning entered the scene.

According to Glazer, Manning began “throwing barbs” at him from the moment he arrived. The tension escalated when Glazer playfully tried to replace Manning’s drink order, leading to a heated exchange.

Manning said, “I said I’ll have a Bud Light, am I stuttering? Get me a Bud Light!” That infuriated Glazer who had to be pulled away, but it wasn’t the end of the verbal altercation.

“Out of nowhere, Peyton goes, ‘Hey, Jay. Did [Michael] Strahan come crying to you like every day to do a story?” Glazer recalled on the BroBible podcast. 

“I’m like, ‘Hey man, why don’t you leave Michael Strahan out of this?’ He says something else. I said, ‘How about you never repeat Michael Strahan’s name out of your mouth again?’ I thought he was talking about his divorce.”

“I just kind of snapped on him. and I won’t tell you what we said, but a couple of them pulled me away from him. It was Eddie George, Lorenzo Neal, Sean Payton pulled me away from him, and his buddy jumped in for him.

“Well, my buddy jumped in for me, and my buddy was Chuck Liddell. So, all of a sudden, his friend was like, ‘Whoop’ and walked over here. And then Peyton’s like, ‘Oh my God.’

“I’m just kind of a pit bull.”

Verbal barbs would be thrown back and forth before the two of them got separated.

“Peyton’s version is funny now, too,” Glazer said, “because Peyton’s version is like, Chuck threw a kick at his head! And I’m like, ‘Chuck did not throw a kick at your head.’”

Of course, Glazer and Manning managed to patch things up, and any hard feelings between them were eventually resolved.

Despite the intense moment in 2007, both have clearly moved past the incident and can now look back on it with a sense of humor.

Boys will be boys.