Jalen Hurts Is “Hungrier Than Ever” & His Phone Screen Proves It

Despite being hailed as one of the brightest young quarterbacks in the league, Jalen Hurts has not let go of the painful loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Determined to use it as fuel for future success, Hurts has taken a unique approach to motivation, as revealed during an Eagles training camp meeting.

In a photo circulating online, Hurts’ lock screen on his iPhone displays an image of himself walking off the field after the heart-wrenching defeat. The young quarterback is clearly reminding himself of the pain he experienced, eager to ensure history does not repeat itself.

“I haven’t moved on, and I don’t think I should,” Hurts correctly stated. “That loss stung, and I want to remember that feeling. It’s what drives me to work harder every day.”

Hurts, who reached the Super Bowl in just his third year with the Eagles, acknowledged that the team’s success brought financial rewards, but his primary focus remains on bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Philadelphia.

During the Super Bowl, Hurts delivered a great performance. However, despite his efforts, the Philadelphia defense struggled to contain the Chiefs offense, failing to sack Mahomes even once.

“While I appreciate the acknowledgment, individual stats don’t matter to me as much as winning the Super Bowl,” Hurts said. “It takes a team effort, and we fell short. I take responsibility for my role in the game and aim to be better in the future.”

The Eagles defensive struggles were exacerbated by the challenging turf conditions, but Hurts refuses to use that as an excuse. He remains committed to working on his game and getting better.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, the Eagles know it will be tough to get back to the Super Bowl. 

How do you think the Eagles will do this season?

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