It’s Getting UGLY In New England: Jerod Mayo Forced To Walk Back Comments As Robert Kraft’s Cheapness Takes Over … What A Mess! 

New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo (that’s going to be tough getting used to) seems to have overstepped his boundaries.

Shortly after being named Bill Belichick’s replacement, Mayo excitedly spoke about how much cap space the Patriots have and how much damage they can do with all of the money that will be at their disposal this offseason.  

“We’re bringing in talent, 1,000 percent,” Mayo told WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show. “We have a lot of cap space and cash. We’re ready to burn some cash!”

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa … Not so fast Jerod!

He must have forgotten that his owner is the notoriously cheap Robert Kraft. 

Clearly, Kraft or someone close to Kraft straightened Mayo out … He nearly pulled a hamstring backtracking his comments. 

“I kind of misspoke when I said ‘burn some cash’ but I was excited when you see those numbers. When you reflect on those numbers … you don’t have to spend all of it in one year,” Mayo told Karen Guregian of Mass Live. 

Saying “you don’t have to spend all of it in one year” is a very concerning quote for Patriots fans. 

While there’s truth to the statement, it’s not something that should be said out loud. 

The Patriots currently boast the second-highest effective cap space in the NFL, standing at $69.3 million according to Over the Cap.

As depressing as it may be for some New Englanders to admit, the Patriots are about to enter a long and ugly rebuilding process.

They won’t be going anywhere next season … Or the one after that.

That’s just the cold, hard truth. 

Eliot Wolf is being trusted to rebuild the roster, and he is cut from the “long and patient” cloth.

As for Kraft, he’s not exactly Mr. Popular in New England these days. 

Not only did he get extremely poor grades on the latest NFLPA “report card,” many are questioning his decision to hire the ultra-inexperienced Mayo with no clear-cut direction set. 

The way Mayo is filling out his coaching staff leaves a whole lot to be desired … And that’s putting it mildly. 

Always one for timing, Pete Carroll recently spoke about his time as Patriots head coach under Kraft.

He had an eye-opening comment about Kraft and his penny-pinching ways…

“So, when I go to interview with New England, Robert Kraft hires me with the understanding that I’m going to bring the San Francisco philosophy,” Carroll told Richard Sherman on his podcast.

“We did everything first class in San Francisco,” Carroll continued. “I mean, top drawer. Treated the players great. Looked after them. Took care of them. It was a clear philosophy that I was bringing, I was excited to unveil.”

“The first thing we get to, we’re having a minicamp. And, so, I’m just checking out, how the set up of it [is], how it’s organized. And I’m figuring into the menu for the players on that weekend.”

“And Kraft comes to me and says, ‘Well, you know, we’re not gonna feed them like that.’ … ‘We give them bologna sandwiches and chips and stuff like that.’ And it went, and it hit me, just as clear as a bell. ‘I’m in deep trouble.'”

“I mean, if I can’t even feed them the way I want to feed them, what’s gonna come? I mean, I knew I had a moment, you know, ‘Oh my goodness.’ … That situation was, from the start, was a little challenging.”

Looking ahead, the Patriots have a massively important decision to make. They own the #3 overall pick in April’s draft and screwing it up would significantly set their rebuild back even further. 

Will they draft a quarterback? … If so, who? … Drake Maye? Jayden Daniels? Trade up for Caleb Williams?

Will they stick with Mac Jones? Will they attempt to trade him?

The questions are plentiful. 

What are your thoughts on the current situation in New England?

What should they do in the draft?

What’s the best and most efficient way to accelerate their rebuild?

What are your thoughts on the Mayo hire???