“It’s A Business”: Should The Cubs Trade Marcus Stroman & Cody Bellinger??

Chicago Cubs fans may be bracing themselves for some major changes ahead of the MLB trade deadline.

With the team’s slim chances of making a playoff run, the organization is expected to be sellers, and players like star pitcher Marcus Stroman and outfielder Cody Bellinger find themselves at the center of trade rumors.

Stroman recently took a moment to address the swirling trade rumors. Speaking to Marquee Sports Network on Twitter, Stroman expressed his desire to remain with the Cubs for the long term.

He emphasized the open nature of the National League Central division and the love he and Bellinger share for the fanbase and organization.

However, both players acknowledged the reality that baseball is a business, and they may not have complete control over their futures.

“I would love to be here long-term,” Stroman stated. “This division is wide open… I know Belli (Bellinger) wants to stay. I know I would love to stay here. But a lot of that’s out of our control.”

“At the end of the day, it’s a business, so we have to treat it as such even though we have this love for this fanbase and organization.”

Though not entirely out of contention, the Cubs performance leading up to the trade deadline will be crucial in determining their course of action.

Stroman and Bellinger have undoubtedly been valuable assets for the Cubs this season, with both players finding success. However, the team faces a difficult decision as their current roster isn’t well-equipped for a deep playoff run.

As the trade deadline approaches, the possibility of Stroman and Bellinger being made available for trade becomes more likely. Given their talent and performance this season, both players are expected to command substantial trade value.

Should the Cubs trade the pair?

Where would you like each of them to end up?