Is Anthony Rizzo’s Miserable Struggles Due To Unnoticed Concussion??

Many have wondered why New York Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo has struggled so mightily this season.

Is he washed up? Is he injured? How exactly did we explain the sudden dropoff in production? Is it just “one of the years?”

As it turns out, Rizzo may have very well suffered a concussion back on May 28th that has impacted him to this day.

Rizzo has been placed on the injured list due to a “likely concussion,” according to Manager Aaron Boone.

Officially listed as post-concussion syndrome, Rizzo’s condition will be evaluated week-to-week. The injury has been traced back to a collision with Fernando Tatis Jr. at first base on May 28th.

The incident had initially been labeled as a neck injury, and Rizzo was sidelined for the next three games. However, he had passed the league-mandated concussion protocols that day.

The fact that Rizzo has been playing through a “likely concussion” for the past 10 weeks has raised concerns and criticism – and quite possibly, a reason for his sub-par play.

“Rizzo complained of fogginess recently, and after further evaluation, it was determined that he was dealing with post-concussion syndrome,” Boone explained. “We have identified the collision with Fernando Tatis Jr. as the likely cause of the injury.”

The news about Rizzo’s condition comes at a troubling time for the Yankees, who have been underperforming this season and opted not to make significant moves at the recent trade deadline. 

Rizzo, 33, is currently in the first year of a two-year, $40 million contract with the Yankees. As the team and fans await further updates on his condition, it’s clear the Bombers need Rizzo to “be Rizzo” if they are to make a legitimate postseason run.

Do you think Rizzo was indeed concussed back in May?

If so, does it explain why he is struggling so much? Or would it be just a convenient excuse?