Infamous Baseball-Hater Anthony Rendon Complains That The Season Is Too Long, Proceeds To Get DESTROYED By THIS Superstar Pitcher…

Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon has found himself at the center of controversy (once again) after expressing his dissatisfaction with the length of the MLB season during an interview with The Jack Vita Show.

The 11-year veteran’s comments have not only failed to win sympathy but have also triggered severe criticism from fans, media, and even former teammates, such as pitcher Jonathan Papelbon.

In response to a question about what changes he would make in baseball, Rendon stated: “We got to shorten the season, man. There’s too many dang games … 162 games in 185 days or whatever it is. Man. No. We gotta shorten this bad boy up. Let’s go.”

Papelbon, a former teammate of Rendon, took to X to join the enormous chorus of disapproval.

“Played with Rendon and literally hates baseball. Yeah, it’s long, isn’t that what you signed up for??? Just tell the team you want to play half the season and give back half your salary!!!!!” he tweeted.

The criticism directed at Rendon is obviously centered around the fact that he never seems to play.

Since signing his massive seven-year, $245 million contract with the Angels in 2020, Rendon has failed to play more than 60 games in a single season.

His combined total for four seasons with Anaheim stands at just 200 games, averaging a mere 50 games played per season – FAR fewer than the 162 games he complained about.

Rendon’s struggle with injuries, including a recent fractured left tibia, as well as groin, wrist, knee, oblique, and hip issues during his Angels career, has contributed to his reduced playing time.

However, fans have long accused him of milking the injuries, purposely taking way too long to come back, and flat-out just hating playing baseball.

162 games is indeed a lot of games … It’s a very, very long season.

However, the LAST person in all of baseball who should be complaining is Rendon.

That’s where the backlash comes from…

What’s your take on Rendon’s comments?

Where do you rank his contract among the worst contracts in baseball history?

Moving him aside for a second – is baseball season indeed too long?

If so, how many games SHOULD the season be???