If This Bill Belichick Rumor Comes True The Internet Will Officially Burn Down…

Amazingly, the reports of Bill Belichick’s expected breakup with the New England Patriots are not only not slowing down – they’re growing stronger and stronger by the day. 

Despite being widely considered as the greatest football coach of all-time, there is a very realistic possibility that Belichick will be coaching elsewhere next season.

We’ve heard the Washington Commanders because of their new, ambitious (and rich) ownership … We’ve heard the Los Angeles Chargers because of Justin Herbet and their talented roster … We’ve heard the Chicago Bears because of their legacy standing in the history of the league (along with their top draft picks) … We’ve even heard the New York Giants because of Belichick’s passionate love for the franchise. 

Well, according to reports, there is potentially a new team in the mix – and it’s none other than “America’s Team” themselves, the Dallas Cowboys. 

Albert Breer of The MMQB recently revealed on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ that the Cowboys are among the teams “most connected” to Belichick.

Breer highlighted the historical significance of the Cowboys and of course owner Jerry Jones who will do whatever it takes to win (except step aside).

“The two teams you hear mostly connected to Bill, at least from my perspective, have been Washington and Dallas,” Breer told Patrick. “Both are in the NFC East, both are historic franchises, both with owners that badly wanna win.”

This development adds an intriguing twist to the speculation surrounding Belichick’s future, as earlier reports had strongly linked him to Dallas’ rivals, the Washington Commanders.

NBC’s Peter King also weighed in on the situation, reporting that the Cowboys could potentially part ways with current head coach Mike McCarthy if the team experiences another premature playoff exit.

Despite Belichick facing challenges in the post-Tom Brady era and the Patriots enduring a miserable season, the six-time Super Bowl-winning coach remains a highly enticing prospect for the Cowboys (and most teams).

What do you think will end up happening with Belichick?

Can you picture him and Jerry teaming up together?

If Belichick does join the Cowboys, would Jerry actually be able to stay the hell away and let Bill do his thing???