“I WAS SERIOUS”: Kyle Shanahan Admits He Looked To Replace Brock Purdy Last Offseason … Would San Fran Still Be In The Super Bowl If He Did??

It was exactly one year ago that the majority of the football world thought it was a lock that Tom Brady would be joining his childhood team, the San Francisco 49ers.

Obviously, a win-now team loaded from top-to-bottom, Kyle Shanahan’s Niners seemed like the perfect destination for Brady.

Shockingly, he decided to retire … At the time, some people thought his decision meant that San Francisco never showed legitimate interest in signing him.

However, we recently learned that was the farthest thing from the truth … In fact, both Shanahan and Brock Purdy have confirmed that the 49ers plan was to bring Brady home and make him the starting quarterback.

Peter King of NBC Sports asked Shanahan point blank about it for his Football Morning in America column…

“I’m glad you asked me that question … Yes, I was serious about it,” Shanahan told King about his intentions to sign the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

Shanahan explained that the decision was influenced by uncertainty regarding Purdy’s readiness for this season due to the elbow injury he suffered in last year’s NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“As we talked, I’m looking at Brock, and he’s got his arm in a sling, and I really am not sure I’ve got a quarterback who’s going to be ready for the start of the 2023 season … That started all of this,” Shanahan said.

Despite confirming the interest in Brady, Shanahan did not delve into why the 49ers ultimately did not sign him. Brady, when asked the same question last week, provided a non-committal response.

Attempting to frame the decision positively, Shanahan emphasized that it was meant to give Purdy a significant compliment.

“I actually thought it was giving Brock the biggest compliment. I let him know he’s our guy long-term. No question. And if Tom Brady wanted to come here and start for one year, that’s the only way you’re not starting when you’re healthy this year. That’s pretty cool,” Shanahan explained.

He further justified the consideration, saying: “But I’ve got to think about the team. What if he’s not ready in September?”

What are your thoughts on Shanahan’s plan to (temporarily) replace Purdy with Brady?

Would San Francisco be in the Super Bowl had they had Brady at the helm instead of Brock?

As far as Sunday goes, will Purdy and the Niners win the Super Bowl???