“I Want My Trophy Back!!”: Reggie Bush Demands The NCAA Return His Heisman … Should They??

Nearly 15 years after being stripped of his prestigious Heisman Trophy, former star running back Reggie Bush has once again called on the Heisman Trust to “do the right thing” and return the coveted award to him.

Bush’s Heisman Trophy was revoked following an NCAA investigation that found he had accepted “impermissible benefits” during his time with the USC Trojans.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Bush expressed his continued desire for reinstatement, stating firmly: “They need to do the right thing. I’ve already earned it. I’ve already won it.”

This plea is not a new development in Bush’s ongoing quest to reclaim his Heisman.

Despite previous rejections by the Heisman Trust, the former running back remains resolute in his pursuit of justice.

Several years ago, Bush openly admitted his desire to have his Heisman Trophy returned.

“To say that I don’t want it back would be a lie. So I do want to be completely honest about that,” Bush stated in a previous interview.

“One hundred percent I want my Heisman Trophy back. But also at the same time, I’m more focused on the kids now, because what happened to me is in the past. We’re not going to change what happened, but what we can do is learn from it,” he said. 

Known as one of the most electrifying players in college football history, Bush is determined to have his name reinstated alongside the other Heisman Trophy winners.

Despite the setbacks and controversies surrounding his college career, Bush remains committed to making a positive impact on the sport and its future generations.

Do you think Bush’s Heisman Trophy should be reinstated???