“I Shall Rise Yet Again”: Aaron “Dark Knight” Rodgers Breaks Silence, Promises Epic Comeback

Even three days removed, it’s still hard to believe what happened on Monday night.

There are very few examples of a player who was celebrated more by a new team than Aaron Rodgers with the New York Jets. Love him or hate him, he was impossible to avoid. The hype and excitement for his season debut was virtually unprecedented.

And then POP!

Just like that, four plays into their very first offensive series, it was all over as Rodgers suffered a season-ending torn Achilles injury on a sack by Buffalo’s Leonard Floyd. 

After a quiet few days, Rodgers has broken his silence in epic fashion. For the many who thought that Monday was the last time we’d ever see him step foot on a football field, Rodgers made it extremely clear that’s not the case. 

In his first public statement since the injury, Rodgers delivered a heartfelt message on his Instagram account. 

“Thank you to every person that has reached out, called, texted, DM’d, connected through a friend, etc. It has meant a ton to me, and I’ll try and get back to all of you soon … I’m completely heartbroken and moving through all of the emotions, but deeply touched and humbled by the support and love … Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I begin the healing process today … The night is darkest before the dawn. And I shall rise yet again … Proud of my guys, 1-0.”

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Jets coach Robert Saleh and owner Woody Johnson also weighed in on Rodgers’ future. Both indicated their belief that the four-time MVP would return in 2024.

“I’d be shocked if this is the way he’s going to go out,” Saleh told reporters.

Rodgers, at 39 years old, faces a brutal road of rehab ahead of him. Saleh noted that he hasn’t discussed the future with Rodgers yet, stating that the quarterback is “working through a whole lot of headspace things that he needs to deal with, and that will be the last thing I talk to him about.”

Before his injury, Rodgers had frequently mentioned his goal of playing multiple years with the Jets. He is currently signed through 2025, with $38 million in guarantees awaiting him in 2024.

Shortly before Rodgers’ Instagram post, Jets owner Woody Johnson shared his thoughts on social media, saying: “The story is not over. Come back strong @AaronRodgers12.”

In his old city of Green Bay, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur and quarterback Jordan Love also expressed their support.

“I would bet that he would have no problem coming back from it,” LaFleur said. “I really believe it. I know the type of worker he is, and so it’s just going to be a choice of whether or not he wants to continue to play or not.”

Love added, “I know he’s going to bounce back, and he’ll do his thing in recovery, and he’ll come back stronger.”

His Jets teammates share the same belief, but that doesn’t take away the pain and shock of the loss. 

As the Jets prepare for their upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys, rookie Zach Wilson steps into the starting quarterback role, with Tim Boyle as the backup.

Saleh mentioned that the team isn’t feeling an urgent need to acquire another quarterback, even though Wilson and Boyle are the only two currently on the roster. Boyle will be promoted from the practice squad for the upcoming game.

The Jets hope Rodgers will eventually return to the facility to assist behind the scenes. Rodgers and Wilson have developed a close relationship over the past few months, which the coaches believe has contributed to Wilson’s development.

“I think it’s very important,” Saleh said of Rodgers’ presence around the team. “It’s important for him.. For him, I think it’s the mental health and healing. I said he’s as much a football coach as he is a player. Just having his presence, his thoughts, his words, and his leadership, anybody would want that.”

For now, Wilson will have to lead the Jets without Rodgers’ guidance. The team is rallying behind the young quarterback, who showed growth in his performance.

“He has that swagger,” center Connor McGovern said. “When he came in, he had a nice swagger about him. I think he lost it a little bit, and it’s back. It’s back, and it’s better than ever.”

With Rodgers facing an uncertain future and Wilson taking the reins, the Jets are exploring quarterback options for depth but are prioritizing the right scheme and locker room fit.

Meanwhile, Rodgers’ former coach, Mike McCarthy, who now leads the Dallas Cowboys, expressed his sympathy and support for his former quarterback during this challenging time.

“I have a tremendous amount of love for him,” McCarthy said. “This is tough. I know he was very excited about this chapter of his life, and I was looking forward to seeing him this weekend.”

“Every game is such a special opportunity to compete in this league. So, yeah, I think we’re all feeling for him personally right now.”

What are your thoughts on the situation?

Do you believe Rodgers will be back and better than ever next season?