“HORRIBLE!!”: Tom Brady’s Father Goes SCORCHED-EARTH On Bill “EGO” Belichick … Just How Bad Is The Brady-Belichick Feud??

In a candid interview with the Boston Globe, Tom Brady Sr. opened up about his son’s departure from the New England Patriots and shed light on the factors that led to the shocking split with head coach Bill Belichick.

“Bill is tough,” Brady Sr. stated. “He runs a military system. It’s a different generation. Bill is a great, great, great coach. But his interpersonal skills are horrible. That’s the bottom line.”

Brady Sr. pointed to Belichick’s comments around 2015 when he expressed the desire to win without Tom Brady.

“When he went without Tommy, he didn’t know what he was losing. You’re losing more than just a quarterback,” he said.

“Ego sometimes gets in the way of things. I think it did with Bill. Now, he’s in a situation where he’s gotten crucified for the last few years by everybody and a lot of luster has come off his rose,” he added.

After two decades and six Super Bowls together, Tom Brady made a shocking move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he won his seventh Super Bowl in his first year away from the Patriots.

Meanwhile, Belichick struggled, going 29-38 after Brady’s departure and missing the playoffs in three of four years.

Of course, Patriots owner Robert Kraft ultimately decided to move on from Belichick.

There’s no denying that there’s a level of frostiness between both Belichick and Kraft as well as Belichick and Brady.

However, there’s also a ton of respect as well … Brady made that clear during a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show…

Interestingly, Brady Sr. also revealed that Kraft admitted to making a mistake in allowing Brady to leave New England.

During a conversation with the Brady family on September 10th, when the quarterback returned to Foxborough to be honored, Kraft allegedly came clean.

“He just said, ‘I made a mistake.’ He told us that back in September,” Brady Sr. said of Kraft. “We don’t all make the right decisions, but he’s made a hell of a lot of good ones over the years. But I know that it galls him that Tommy went elsewhere and won … Not that he won, but that he won after Bill said he was done.”

What are your thoughts on the whole Brady vs. Belichick debate?

Is Brady the greatest football player of all-time?

As far as Belichick, where do you think he’ll end up coaching next???