“HATING ASS MF!!”: Micah Parsons SHREDS “Fake Ass Cowboys Fan” Skip Bayless To Pieces In UGLY Back & Forth … Whose Side Are You On??

After being quiet for quite a while following Dallas’ disastrous playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is making up for lost time.

He’s engaged in a back-and-forth with FS1’s Skip Bayless, who recently took a shot at him on social media.

Considering how Parsons was invisible in the Cowboys elimination loss, Bayless wondered if he was more interested in being a commentator or an impact football player…

Unfazed, Parsons didn’t waste time responding to Bayless’s remarks, taking to his own podcast, “The Edge with Micah Parsons,” to address the controversy in a video that quickly went viral.

Parsons directly addressed Bayless, saying: “Skip, I’ve never once asked you to hype me up … You’re the one that wanted me on your show, to come speak on your show. And I wanted to do my own route because of your bad ties and who you are. I did not want to be partnered with you.”

“You could try whatever narrative – whatever you want to be. But a person who’s been All-Pro for three years, I guess I am not that guy and I got to do more to be a guy. Whatever narrative that drives your boat.”

Parsons also spoke about the nightmare loss to the Packers.

He caused even further controversy when he seemingly blamed coaching for the no-show defeat.

It is worth noting that Parsons is not the first NFL star to engage in a public dispute with Bayless.

We all know Bayless’ job is to rile things up and get under the skin of both fans and players themselves.

What’s your take on the Skip vs. Parsons feud?

Touching on actual football for a second, what are your thoughts on how the season ended for the Cowboys?

Were your surprised that Jerry Jones decided to keep Mike McCarthy as head coach?

What does “America’s Team” need to do this offseason to finally get over the hump???