Greg McElroy Gives Eye-Opening Praise To Luke Fickell: Will Wisconsin Make The Playoff?!

Luke Fickell has officially taken the helm as the head coach of Wisconsin, marking the beginning of an exciting new era for the Badgers.

Fickell, who spent six successful seasons in charge of Cincinnati, is now geared up to lead Wisconsin into what promises to be an exciting 2023 season.

Fickell’s track record speaks for itself, as he managed to guide the Bearcats to the College Football Playoff just two years ago. This accomplishment, coupled with his unwavering dedication and innovative approach to the game, has drawn the attention and admiration of many, including ESPN analyst Greg McElroy.

McElroy, a seasoned football analyst with a keen eye for emerging talent, expressed his enthusiasm for Fickell’s new role during a recent appearance on SportsCenter.

“I’m so excited about this marriage right now,” McElroy exclaimed. “When you look at what Luke Fickell is bringing to Wisconsin, I think about TCU last year. And there are some parallels where you have a program that’s proud and historic and has won a lot of games. But it got a little stale down the stretch. That’s what I think Luke Fickell is bringing to Wisconsin. A lot of energy. A new offensive identity.”

Drawing a noteworthy comparison, McElroy pointed out the similarities between Wisconsin’s current situation and the rise of TCU, who were the cinderella darlings of last year’s College Football Playoff.

By all reports, Fickell has injection of renewed vigor and energy into the Badgers program that we’re all anxious to see play out.

Do you agree with McElroy?

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