Georgia Legend Claims FIX WAS IN To SCREW Bulldogs & Put Alabama In Playoff Instead As Favor To Retiring Nick Saban … Do You Agree??

The Georgia Bulldogs came so very close to accomplishing something truly historic this past season.

Had they not lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, they could have very well went on to win back-to-back-to-back National Championships.

Having your biggest rival cost you that chance is not something you get over easily – if at all…

Former Georgia running back James Cook has a very interesting opinion on how everything ended up playing out.

“We were supposed to be in (the playoffs) this year. If Georgia is in the playoffs this year, we win it all. And I think they didn’t want to see us go back-to-back-to-back … We lost one game to Alabama in the SEC Championship and haven’t been beaten in the whole season,” Cook told USA Today.

“It was like the same scenario my last year in college. We won every game and lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship, but we still got in and went on and won it all. But I just feel like they knew Nick Saban was gonna retire so they tried to sneak him in one.”

You have to forgive Cook for being so bitter about the matter.

The odds of the committee even knowing about Saban’s decision to retire, let alone letting it be the reason why they put Alabama in the Playoff are very, very low.

You won’t find a sane college football fan who didn’t think Georgia was one of the four best teams in all of college football this past season.

Did they “deserve” to make the Playoff – Absolutely.

As a matter of fact, you could make the strong argument that they were the only team that had a legitimate chance to beat the Michigan Wolverines.

However, circumstances matter, especially with the Playoff field being only four teams. (Thankfully, we move to 12-teams next season.)

The fact of the matter is Georgia lost the one game they couldn’t afford to lose.

Many people made an enormous deal about Florida State getting screwed by being left out of the Playoff … However, if there was one team that was truly screwed, it was the Bulldogs.

Gone is the chance at a historic three-peat … That sting won’t be going away.

However, the good news for the Dawgs is that they will enter the 2024 season as arguably the best team in the country.

With Heisman Trophy favorite Carson Beck back for another year under center, there’s every reason to believe that Georgia will be hoisting the National Championship trophy once again.

What are your thoughts on Cook’s theory?

Do you agree with him that the fix was in for Saban?

Let’s pretend Georgia did make the Playoff … Would they have beaten Michigan???