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Frustrated Davante Adams Sends Clear Message To Raiders Over Josh Jacobs Dispute

Frustrated Davante Adams Sends Clear Message To Raiders Over Josh Jacobs Dispute

The Las Vegas Raiders are facing uncertainty over the availability of their star running back, Josh Jacobs, as the deadline for franchise-tagged players to sign a multi-year deal has passed without an agreement.

The situation has left the team and its fans on edge, as Jacobs’ impact on the success of the Raiders’ offense is undeniable.

In light of the ongoing contract dispute, Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams spoke out on the matter, emphasizing the importance of having Jacobs on the field for the team’s aspirations of winning the Super Bowl.

“If we really want to have a shot at winning the Super Bowl and having all the elite aspirations that we do, we’re gonna need that guy,” Adams said during an interview on NFL Total Access.

“So I’m praying that we can still figure something out, but also understanding where Josh is coming from and trying to coach him through it at the same time.”

Adams, who had his own contract dispute during his time with the Green Bay Packers, empathizes with Jacobs’ current predicament. He revealed that he has been in communication with the All-Pro running back, offering support and guidance based on his own experiences.

“I’ve been talking to him, we’ve been in his ear a little bit just trying to coach him through this process,” Adams shared. “I’ve been through it a couple of times myself, and I know what it’s like to go back and forth about whether or not you feel appreciated.”

The Raiders have a lot riding on Jacobs’ presence in the upcoming season, as he is coming off a career year in 2022 where he led the NFL in rushing yards with an impressive 1653 yards and 12 touchdowns.

His performance was instrumental in the team’s success and is seen as a critical factor in their bid to bounce back from a disappointing 2022 season.

With training camp starting up, the Raiders are hopeful that a resolution to the contract situation can be reached before any potential long-term holdout by Jacobs.

The team understands the significance of having all of their top players available if they are to achieve their goals for the upcoming season.

Despite not having a whole lot of leverage, do you think Jacobs should hold out?

What type of contract do you think he’s worth?

How will the situation end?



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