From Tattoo Shop Owner to NFL: 30-Year-Old Rookie Lou Hedley’s Remarkable Journey to the Saints

The New Orleans Saints’ new player, Lou Hedley, has an intriguing past that sets him apart from other rookies. At 30 years old, Hedley, originally from Australia, embarked on several adventures before pursuing his football dream in the U.S.

Before trying out for the NFL, Hedley took on various roles: from working in construction in Australia to owning a tattoo business in Indonesia. Taking a leap of faith, he sold his business shares and moved to the U.S to join the University of Miami’s football team. As a Hurricane, he gained attention and accolades, making the All-ACC team twice in 2020 and 2021 and then earning a top spot in 2022.

Though he wasn’t picked during the 2023 NFL Draft, his exceptional performance in the preseason caught the attention of the New Orleans Saints, who quickly signed him. With an average of almost 43 yards in his 11 punt attempts, including a notable 49-yard punt, he has already made an impact.

Hedley’s journey, from his tattoo-filled appearance to his age, sets him apart. But his dedication and pursuit of his dream make him an inspiration to many. Fans can’t help but rally behind this determined individual, seeing him as a modern symbol of perseverance and dedication.