Former Pro Bowl QB Says Bill Belichick “Permanently Hurt” Mac Jones: Do You Agree??

It’s been a rough start to the season for the New England Patriots, and questions are being raised about their coaching and development of quarterback Mac Jones.

Former NFL quarterback, now ESPN analyst, Robert Griffin III weighed in on the situation during a recent episode of “Get Up,” stating: “Mac Jones is not a creator, but they’re asking him to create. So that starts with the scheme.”

“When you look at what he did in 2021, had the #6 offense in the NFL. Who was his coordinator? Josh McDaniels. One of the best OCs we’ve ever seen in this league.”

Now you move forward to this year, and they have one of the worst offenses in the league. … For me, this comes down to coaching.”

Griffin further elaborated on his concerns, emphasizing the impact of coaching on Jones’ development…

“In Year 2, Bill Belichick messed up his young quarterback. When you give him a defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator as his offensive coordinator and now he’s on his third coordinator in three years in the NFL, that is, to me, the epitome of coaching malpractice.”

“Bill Belichick’s one of the greatest coaches we’ve ever seen. He’s arguably the greatest coach of all time in NFL history, but he really overthought this, and it’s hurt Mac Jones permanently in my opinion.”

Despite Belichick’s efforts to support Jones by bringing in Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien during the offseason, reports have emerged of a rift between Jones and the coaching staff dating back to the previous year.

What do you make of the situation in New England?

Is RGIII telling it like it is? … Or is he overreacting?