Former NFL Stars Wager $10K On Eagles-Cowboys Sunday Night Game Winner

In an upcoming NFC East showdown, the stakes are higher than ever as the Cowboys prepare to host the Eagles. The clash not only involves the coveted first place in the division but has also given rise to a substantial bet between two former NFL stars.

The prominent figures behind this wager are DeSean Jackson and Dez Bryant, both renowned for their on-field prowess. The bet in question amounts to a whopping $10,000, and the banter began heating up on Monday when Jackson took to Twitter to call out Bryant. It all started when Bryant boasted about winning a bet of $10,000 on the Cowboys in their Week 13 clash against the Seahawks.

In contrast, Week 13 didn’t treat Jackson’s Eagles too kindly, as they suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of the 49ers, with a scoreline of 42-19. Despite this setback, Jackson boldly declared his willingness to bet $10,000 on the upcoming game if Bryant was up for the challenge.

Surprisingly, Bryant wasted no time in accepting the bet, and he took to social media to prove his commitment. In a rather explicit video, he meticulously counted out $10,000 in cash. His method included grabbing $5,000 worth of $50 bills, followed by a meticulous count of $5,000 in $100 bills.

With fiery confidence, Bryant declared, “We about to beat yo ass on Sunday.” (You can watch the full video for yourself.)

Analyzing the terms of this wager, it appears that Bryant may have the upper hand. The Cowboys currently stand as favorites with a 3.5-point advantage. The money line favors the Cowboys at -175. If Bryant were to place a straight-up bet of $10,000 on the Cowboys winning in Las Vegas, he’d only stand to make a profit of $5,174.29. However, in this bet against Jackson, he stands to gain the full $10,000 if the Eagles emerge victorious.

Nonetheless, history might favor Jackson in this matchup, as the Eagles triumphed over the Cowboys with a score of 28-23 in Week 9. As for the logistics of delivering the money in case of a Cowboys loss, well, it’s safe to say that mailing cash, as demonstrated in Bryant’s video, might not be the wisest choice.