Former ESPN Host Suggests Conspiracy Theory Regarding College Football Playoff

Longtime ESPN SportsCenter host Dan Patrick, known for his radio show spanning over a decade, has raised an intriguing College Football Playoff theory worth pondering.

The former ESPN figure, now a prominent sports radio personality, suggests that there might be more to the Michigan vs. Alabama matchup in the College Football Playoff than meets the eye, and it’s not your typical “SEC bias” allegation.

Patrick believes that the selection committee might have had a motive to potentially hinder Michigan’s chances.

“Conspiracy theory, but Michigan’s No. 1,” Patrick said. “And I think that maybe the committee goes, ‘Yeah Michigan got in. Had the little sign-stealing thing. How about we put Alabama there at No. 4.’

“Just a conspiracy theory on my part. No inside information on that.”

Michigan has been embroiled in a sign-stealing scandal this season, with accusations of improper in-person scouting to pilfer opponent’s signs.

As a result, Wolverines’ head coach Jim Harbaugh faced a three-game suspension at the conclusion of the Big Ten regular season.

Now, Michigan is slated to face Alabama in the College Football Playoff at the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.