Former Eagle Destroys Philly Fan Base: “I F*cking Can’t Stand Those F*ckers”

Philadelphia Eagles fans have long been known for their passionate support of the team, but their reputation for boisterous behavior has also earned them some notoriety around the sports world.

While the relationship between the fans and players on the team is usually positive, there are exceptions, as one former Eagles player recently made clear.

During a gaming stream, Lions defensive back CJ Gardner-Johnson was asked about his time in Philadelphia, and he didn’t hold back in his response.

When asked to name both his favorite and least favorite thing about the city, Gardner-Johnson didn’t mince words. “They’re f*cking obnoxious,” he exclaimed about Eagles fans. “I f*cking can’t stand those f*ckers.”

While some may interpret his remarks as those of a bitter former player, it turns out that Gardner-Johnson has a legitimate reason for his frustration with at least some residents of Philadelphia.

During his one and only season with the Eagles, his car was stolen after a home game. He took to social media at the time to express his anger and pointed out that he knew “exactly who stole my sh*t” and assured that they had captured the incident on camera.

He also questioned, “That’s how y’all get down in Philly.. after a win?”

The incident understandably left a sour taste in Gardner-Johnson’s mouth, and it’s not surprising that he harbors some negative feelings toward the city’s fans as a result.

Given his candid comments about Eagles fans, it’s safe to assume that the next time Gardner-Johnson visits Philadelphia as an opposing player, he won’t be receiving a warm welcome.

The passionate and sometimes rowdy nature of Eagles fans is part of what makes the team’s home games so intense, but it can also lead to situations that leave visiting players with less than fond memories of their time in the city.

As with any fanbase, there will always be a mix of passionate supporters and those who take things too far, and it appears that Gardner-Johnson’s unfortunate experience with his stolen car has colored his perception of Philadelphia’s fan culture.

For now, the defensive back will continue his career with the Detroit Lions, but whenever he faces the Eagles on the field, emotions are sure to run high, both on the field and in the stands.

Some Eagles fans carry the “obnoxious” tag as a badge of honor.

Who do you think are the toughest fans in the NFL?