Former Aaron Rodgers Teammate: AROD “Has To Get Back To Another Super Bowl” For Legacy

One of the great mysteries in modern-day football is how in the world Aaron Rodgers only has ONE Super Bowl win in his career.

Yes, it’s extremely difficult to win a Super Bowl, especially considering the fact that football is the ultimate team sport.

However, considering how special of a talent Rodgers is, and how loaded some of his Green Bay Packers teams were, it truly is remarkable that he’s only won one ring.

That lone triumph came in Super Bowl XLV in February of 2011 against the Pittsburgh Steelers when Rodgers led the Packers to a 31-25 victory. Since then, he’s been to multiple NFC Championship Games but not the big game.

Rodgers is now at the end of his career and will enter the 2024 season coming off a grueling Achilles rehab process.

His former Packers teammate and close friend, James Jones, thinks he needs to get back to another Super Bowl before his career ends.

“I truly believe Aaron Rodgers has to get back to another Super Bowl for himself, for his career. We all know he’s a four-time MVP and has records in Green Bay but for me, he has to get back to that second Super Bowl,” Jones said on FS1.

Jones emphasized the importance of another Super Bowl appearance for Rodgers, who has solidified himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history during his phenomenal years in Green Bay.

Rodgers won’t have the chance to do that this season after he tore his Achilles on Monday night, dealing a virtual death blow to the New York Jets championship aspirations this year. 

The next chance he’ll have will come next season. The Jets are still expected to be stacked from top-to-bottom and Rodgers will surely be more motivated than ever.

Do you agree with Jones?

Does Rodgers need another Super Bowl to truly cement his legacy?