Florida State Staff And Players’ Live Heartbreaking Reaction To Missing College Football Playoff Caught On Camera (Video)

The disappointment was palpable among the Florida State players and coaching staff as they came to terms with missing out on the playoffs despite their undefeated season.

The Seminoles achieved an impressive 13-0 record, clinching the ACC Championship title on Saturday. However, their dreams of a playoff spot were dashed as they were edged out by the 12-1 Alabama team, a decision largely influenced by factors like their strength of schedule and the season-ending injury to Jordan Travis. Joining Alabama in the College Football Playoff (CFP) are Michigan, Washington, and Texas.

The raw emotions of their reaction were captured live on camera during ESPN’s Selection Show on Sunday.

While some, like Kirk Herbstreit, argue that the committee made the right call, there’s no denying the controversy surrounding the exclusion of an undefeated Florida State from the top four teams. Herbstreit emphasized the need to prioritize the best teams over merely considering an undefeated record.

The eagerly anticipated semifinal clashes are scheduled for New Year’s Day and will be broadcast on ESPN, promising high-stakes and intense matchups.