Five Running Backs Ready to Shine in 2023, Featuring Chiefs’ Isiah Pacheco

The running back role in the NFL may not have the same old prestige, but the athletes in this position are still some of the most talented in the game. These players often become the backbone of their teams’ offenses.

Last year, four of the top performers in terms of scrimmage yards were running backs. Among them was Josh Jacobs from the Las Vegas Raiders, who had an outstanding season, amassing 2,053 yards and scoring 12 times. Even though some believed he might be traded after a prominent appearance in a notable game, he turned out to be one of the best in the league.

But who are the ones to watch in 2023? Here’s a list:

  1. Isiah Pacheco, Kansas City Chiefs
    The young player from Rutgers caught everyone’s attention last season. In 2022, he managed to gain 960 yards and score five times. He also stood out in playoff games. Recently, Pacheco spoke about his confidence and ambitions on the “All Things Covered” podcast. He’s expected to be a key player for the Chiefs this year.

Projected stats: 169 runs for 834 yards, 5 scores, and 23 catches totaling 239 yards.

  1. Alexander Mattison, Minnesota Vikings
    With a key player leaving the team, Mattison is ready to take the spotlight. Whenever he got the chance to play in the past, he’s delivered impressive performances. The Vikings had a great run last season, and with the guidance of their coach, Mattison could have his best season yet.

Projected stats: 198 runs for 736 yards, 9 scores, and 29 catches totaling 194 yards.

  1. Rachaad White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    With Leonard Fournette no longer on the team, White is set to be the main man in Tampa. In his debut season, he showcased his abilities both as a runner and a receiver. He’s expected to become even more prominent this year.

Projected stats: 170 runs for 621 yards, 3 scores, and 55 catches totaling 332 yards.

  1. Khalil Herbert, Chicago Bears
    Despite missing some games last season, Herbert’s performance was noteworthy. The Bears were formidable when it came to running the ball, and Herbert’s stats were impressive. With a team reshuffle, Herbert will likely get more chances this year.

Projected stats: 154 runs for 852 yards, 5 scores, and 14 catches totaling 94 yards.

  1. Jaylen Warren, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Warren is a player who’s caught the attention in several fantasy leagues. While he might be seen as a potential underdog compared to players like Mattison or Pacheco, he has the talent to surprise many. Last season, he showcased his skills, and he’s predicted to have a bigger role in 2023.

Projected stats: 129 runs for 601 yards, 3 scores, and 30 catches totaling 231 yards.