Fired Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald Finds Fulfilling New Job: What Does His Future Hold??

Former Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald has taken on a new role as a parent volunteer for the football program at Loyola Academy, a prestigious high school in the Chicago suburbs.

The decision comes after Fitzgerald’s recent departure from Northwestern and amidst ongoing legal disputes involving hazing allegations.

Fitzgerald, once an extremely respected figure in the world of college football, led the Northwestern Wildcats from 2006 until his sudden firing on July 10.

Undeterred by the recent setback, Fitzgerald is eager to contribute to his sons’ football journey at Loyola Academy, where they are currently enrolled.

In order to participate as a parent volunteer, Fitzgerald underwent training sessions and a comprehensive background check, in accordance with Loyola Academy’s policies.

He also formally agreed to adhere to the school’s code of conduct, a standard requirement for all coaches and volunteers involved with the program.

Fitzgerald’s decision to volunteer at Loyola Academy is deeply rooted in his familial ties to the institution. Currently, one of his sons is a freshman, while the other is a junior.

Notably, his eldest son, Jack Fitzgerald, also had a history with Loyola Academy before becoming a walk-on tight end for the Northwestern Wildcats.

The circumstances surrounding Fitzgerald’s departure from Northwestern were shrouded in controversy, as the university faced a hazing investigation within its football program.

However, Fitzgerald maintained his innocence, asserting that he had no knowledge of any hazing incidents. Several current and former players have come to his defense. 

The controversy escalated as more than 10 former players initiated lawsuits against Northwestern, implicating hazing practices. Several of these legal actions specifically named Fitzgerald as a defendant, claiming he was aware of the hazing and even directed some players to participate.

That whole situation is very messy and is surely a long way from being over. For now, Fitzgerald is focused on his new role. 

Loyola Academy, in a statement, highlighted the vital role of parent volunteers in various aspects of the football program, including “gameday management, logistics, and offering fresh insight.”

The addition of Fitzgerald, a seasoned, high-level coach with an impressive track record, is anticipated to bring a wealth of experience and perspective to the team.

Loyola Academy is set to kick off their season on August 26th.

What is your take on the whole Fitzgerald/Northwestern situation?