Fans Have STRONG Opinions On The Chiefs Glorious Super Bowl Rings

Capping off an offseason full of championship celebrations, the Kansas City Chiefs unveiled their Super Bowl LVII championship ring at a grand ceremony held at Union Station in Kansas City.

The ring, packed with exquisite jewels and intricate details, pays homage to the Chiefs rich history and their successful 2022-23 campaign.

The Chiefs Super Bowl LVII ring is a symbol of the team’s triumphant journey, showcasing all three of Kansas City’s Super Bowl victories on one side and paying tribute to the passionate Chiefs Kingdom above the Super Bowl LVII logo on the other.

The top of the ring proudly displays all three of KC’s Lombardi trophies, and a delightful surprise awaits as the top slides off to reveal a miniature Arrowhead Stadium nested inside the ring itself.

Manufactured by Jostens, Kansas City’s Super Bowl LVII Ring stands out not only for its unique design but also for its impressive stone count.

Boasting a total of 609 round diamonds, 16 baguette diamonds, four marquise diamonds, and 35 custom-cut genuine rubies, weighing approximately 16.10 carats, this ring truly befits the status of World Champions.

Speaking about the intricate design choices of the ring, Jostens and the Chiefs highlighted its significance in a press release.

The ring top can be entirely removed and transformed into a pendant using a hidden bail that seamlessly folds into the ring top. The shape of the ring top is modeled after GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, commemorating its 50th anniversary in 2022.

The interior of the ring features a miniature version of the stadium in yellow gold, with a full-color field embellished with Lombardi Trophies at the center, the number of which varies based on the recipient’s time with the organization.

Encircling the stadium is a quote from Chiefs Founder Lamar Hunt that reads, “ARROWHEAD STADIUM IS MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH.”

The backside of the ring top pendant piece showcases the recipient’s championship year-dates with the Chiefs, the 50th anniversary logo, and an image of the Lombardi Trophy.

Ahead of the ring ceremony, the Chiefs superstar quarterback and Super Bowl LVII MVP, Patrick Mahomes, expressed his enthusiasm for the team’s new championship ring, emphasizing his involvement in the design process.

“Yeah, I’m very excited,” said Mahomes. “That’s what you work for, to win the Super Bowl and get those rings. They last a lifetime. To be able to see them, I know they’ve done a great job with them.”

“I got to help out a little bit with the creating process. They did a great job with them. Tonight is the last night you get to celebrate it, and then we’re moving on to the next season.”

Tight end Travis Kelce also shared his thoughts on the unique design and his second Super Bowl ring, expressing his awe for the one-of-a-kind piece.

“It’s unique,” Kelce said. “It’s one-of-one. There’s no championship ring like it.”

The Chiefs’ previous Super Bowl LIV rings, distributed in September 2020, highlighted the team’s second Super Bowl victory and celebrated the accomplishments of the 2020 squad.

The inside of the Super Bowl LIV ring featured the deficits the Chiefs faced in each of their three playoff games en route to their championship triumph.

As Mahomes reiterated, the Chiefs championship celebration has now concluded, and the focus turns towards the upcoming season, with the goal of repeating their success.

“I told the guys that are going to be at the ceremony tonight, ‘This is it. You’re celebrating, get your ring,'” Mahomes emphasized.ย 

Then it’s back to work.

The football world took to social media to express their strong opinions on the rings…


“OMG……I can’t stop looking at it!!!”

“You guys did a phenomenal job on the ring, what a season.”

“Well, not sure how you’ll top that next year. Eager to find out, though!”

Not everyone was impressed however…