Fans Getting Sick & Tired Of Shedeur Sanders’ Narcissistic Behavior & Cringey Watch Celebration

As expected, the Colorado Buffaloes defeated the Arizona State Sun Devils 27-24 this past Saturday.

Arizona State is widely regarded as one of the worst teams in the Power-5. (Some people even consider them THE worst.) … They entered Saturday’s game with a miserable 1-4 record.

In other words, the only thing that was surprising about Deion Sanders’ team’s win over the Sun Devils was that it was as close as it was. 

All of this is why it was so bizarre and downright cringey to see quarterback Shedeur Sanders parade around the field taunting Arizona State fans with his ridiculous “watch celebration.”

Former NFL quarterback Danny Kanell played in his fair share of big games and won a national championship while at Florida State.

He was taken aback by Sanders’ over-the-top celebration considering how poor of a team Arizona State is. 

“If there was a Heisman for beating 1-5 teams, this guy would win it.” Kanell sarcastically tweeted on X. 

Kanell was far from alone in his thoughts on Sanders celebrating beating Arizona State as if it was the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.

Sanders has his supporters – but the majority of the college football world seems to be souring on his act, and it showed on social media following the Buffs win over the (now 1-5) Sun Devils…

“Shedeur Sanders flexing on beating a 1-5 ASU team is a joke… the entire Colorado program is a joke. They’ve yet to actually beat a good team. He must have forgotten his watch at home when they played Oregon or USC.”

“So help me understand this — Shedeur Sanders flexes his Rolex watch after barely beating No. 98 ranked ASU?”

“The last person I would want QB’ing my NFL team some day. Grow up Shedeur. Reel him in Prime, this is a bad look.” 

“Daddy Sanders isn’t going to reel him in because daddy Sanders encourages this type of thing.”

““Hey we won a game. Look at my watch.” … Wat?”

“Sanders the king of mid lmfao. How anybody thinks he’s a heisman candidate and nfl worthy is absolutely comical.”

“And people wonder why prime and company get so much grief…congratulations, you best a one win team on a last minute field goal…you will probably get 6 wins and a bowl game which is a good accomplishment from 1-11 but GMAFB.”

“Bragging about beating a sub par team that isn’t anywhere close to your level is a joke. Not anything a MAN would do. Act like you’ve been there instead of flashing your watch when you almost LOSE to a JV team.”

“Humility is one character trait Deion cannot teach his kids.”

“I get that college football players are kids having fun, but I have to say I’m not a fan of Shedeur Sanders and the whole look at my watch move. You beat a bottom feeder team and got sacked multiple times. Now everyone that plays you has bulletin boar material.|

What is your take on Sanders’ behavior?