Fans Can’t Believe Jim Nantz’s Super Bowl LVIII Prediction: Is He Crazy??

Jim Nantz is the longtime voice of the NFL on CBS. Along with Tony Romo, Nantz broadcasts the network’s top game every Sunday.

Luckily for the crew, they will be broadcasting Super Bowl LVIII come February.

Usually, broadcasters shy away from making predictions. However, Nantz was in a good mood and decided to spill the beans on what he thinks the Super Bowl matchup will be. 

During a CBS golf broadcast over the weekend, Nantz, known for his insightful commentary, shared his forecast for the upcoming Super Bowl…

Nantz’s prediction is Cowboys-Bills.

No, it’s not the craziest prediction we’ve ever seen. After all, Buffalo has been at the door step in the AFC for several years now. 

However, as wide open as the NFC may be, Dallas has always struggled to get over the hump, due in large part to quarterback Dak Prescott’s turnover issues. 

Should Nantz’s foresight come to fruition, Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones would have an opportunity to secure his fourth Super Bowl ring, further solidifying the historical standing of “America’s Team.”

On the other side, the Bills are aiming for their elusive first-ever Super Bowl win. The franchise’s remarkable journey to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the 1990’s is remembered by most for all the wrong reasons, as they failed to win a single one.

What do you think of Nantz’s prediction?

Yes, it may be wayyy too early, but what is your Super Bowl prediction?