Home NCAA Fans Are Pissed As ESPN Yanks Ultra-Popular Analyst Off College Football Coverage

Fans Are Pissed As ESPN Yanks Ultra-Popular Analyst Off College Football Coverage

Fans Are Pissed As ESPN Yanks Ultra-Popular Analyst Off College Football Coverage
(Source: ESPN.com)

In disappointing news, ESPN unveiled its broadcasting lineup for the upcoming 2023 college football season.

Unfortunately, the absence of a familiar voice left a majority of fans angered and in disbelief.

Stewart Mandel of The Athletic, who had always kept a watchful eye on the sports broadcasting landscape, shared a rundown of the announced broadcast teams.

As the buzz grew, Bob Joyce, a well-known radio host for UConn, couldn’t help but notice the glaring omission. 

As it turns out, Dan Orlovsky was not on the list which sparked confusion that there must have been a mistake.

When asked directly by Joyce, Orlovsky addressed the situation, saying he “was taken off CFB games.”

It’s true that the majority of Orlovsky’s ESPN work deals with the NFL. However, he had become a respected voice on college football games as well.

The announcement that he had been removed from ESPN’s college football coverage angered many on social media.

The good news is Orlovsky will continue to have a top-tier role in the network’s NFL coverage. However, he will surely be missed in the college football world. 

In Orlovsky’s old spot will be former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin, who will team up with play-by-play voice Bob Wischusen.

Do you enjoy Orlovsky’s analysis as much as I do?

Who are your favorite college and NFL analysts?



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