“Everything Is Really Simple:” Sauce Gardner Gives Bill Belichick & Mac Jones Bulletin Board Material

For a team that’s on a 14-game losing streak to the New England Patriots, the New York Jets sure are chirpy.

Gang Green is desperately trying to remain contenders despite losing Aaron Rodgers for the entire season (or maybe not if you ask him).

They know damn well how important of a game they have this weekend when they welcome in their biggest rival. Needless to say, Bill Belichick and the Patriots will surely be motivated, since the last thing in the world they want is to drop to 0-3.

What better time for Jets lockdown cornerback Sauce Gardner to spice up the rivalry a little bit – That’s exactly what he did when he called New England’s offense simple and basic.

“They don’t really have a complex offense,” Gardner said. “It’s pretty simple for the quarterback to get. The gap scheme, everything is really simple.” 

In fairness to Sauce, it seemed like he realized how he was coming across and attempted to reverse his course mid-sentence.

He turned the whole statement into a semi-compliment: “They excel at it,” he said of the Patriots simple offense. “What they try to do is get other people to mess up and make mistakes. They just do everything right.”


Gardner’s remarks raised eyebrows for more reasons than one, considering the Jets recent struggles on the defensive end. Last week against Dallas, the Jets defense conceded 30 points and failed to slow down the Cowboys offense.

The Patriots 0-2 record is a little deceiving. They’ve faced two tough opponents (Philadelphia and Miami) and could have won both games. 

Of course, they didn’t, and that’s the only thing that matters. However, Mac Jones has been very sharp, and it seems like only a matter of time before New England’s offense breaks out.

It’s a very important divisional game for both teams.

Who do you think will win?