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ESPN Reveals The Biggest Draft Steal Of The Past Decade: Do You Agree??

ESPN Reveals The Biggest Draft Steal Of The Past Decade: Do You Agree??

Every NFL Draft provides with us with plenty of surprises.. There are always a plethora of busts, but also plenty of steals as well.

In a recent feature for ESPN, analysts Matt Miller and Jordan Reid revealed their rankings of the biggest draft steals from the past decade.

Topping the list as the ultimate steal was Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who was selected 63rd overall in the 2013 NFL Draft.

“When his career is over, we might be talking about Kelce as the greatest tight end of all time. After all, he has already proven himself as a dynamic, reliable number one receiving option on a Super Bowl-winning team, and he has numbers to stack up with the best of the best,” Miller wrote.

“That’s pretty good for a late-Round 2 pick who slipped in the draft because of a suspension at Cincinnati. Kelce’s all-around game and presence as the Chiefs number one target put him right at the top of the list here.”

Kelce’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. With his exceptional skills, he is rapidly becoming one of the most accomplished tight ends in the league, drawing comparisons to the legendary Rob Gronkowski.

Over the course of his 10-season career, Kelce has amassed an impressive 814 receptions for 10,344 yards and 69 touchdowns. These statistics place him within or near the top 50 all-time rankings in each category, solidifying his status as a dominant force on the field.

In addition to his outstanding numbers, Kelce has earned eight Pro Bowl selections, seven consecutive All-Pro honors, and was also named to the Hall of Fame All-2010s Team. With such accolades, Kelce’s path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton seems increasingly certain.

For a player drafted in the third round, Kelce’s achievements have exceeded all expectations, establishing him as the epitome of a draft steal.

As he continues to make significant contributions to the Chiefs’ success, Kelce’s legacy as one of the greatest tight ends of all time is undeniably taking shape.

Do you agree that Kelce is the biggest draft steal over the past decade?

Do you think he will end up going down as the greatest tight end of all-time?

(Maybe he already is.)



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