ESPN Ranks The 5 Most Overrated CFB Teams: Do You Agree?

ESPN’s Football Power Index has released its predictions for the upcoming 2023 college football season, and some notable teams are finding themselves labeled as “overrated” by the computer model.

With the season fast approaching, the entire college football world is anxious for the games to finally begin. 

One team that stands out as potentially overhyped is the Washington Huskies. Regarded by some as a strong contender for the College Football Playoff, the Football Power Index takes a more conservative stance, ranking them as the #21 team in the country. This disparity is sure to raise eyebrows among Huskies fans.

Another team that might not live up to its preseason expectations is the Florida State Seminoles. Widely considered a top seven or eight team, the FPI sees them as the #14 team, indicating a significant discrepancy between human polls and computer projections.

The Tulane Green Wave, despite garnering attention as a potential top 25 team in some preseason rankings, finds itself much lower in the FPI’s estimation. The model places Tulane all the way down at #55, leaving many to question the team’s potential for success this season.

Moving on to the Iowa Hawkeyes, a team expected to be in the mix for a top 25 spot by many human polls, the FPI puts them at a more modest No. #37.

Lastly, the UTSA Road Runners, often overlooked and placed at the bottom of most preseason polls, receive a surprising boost from the Football Power Index. The model sees UTSA as the #61 team in the country.

Of course, predictions and projections, especially by computer models, mean absolutely nothing once the ball kicks off.

What are your thoughts on the top five list?