Home NFL “ENOUGH!!”: Joe Namath BLASTS His Beloved Jets, Calls For “Disgusting” Zach Wilson To Be Traded

“ENOUGH!!”: Joe Namath BLASTS His Beloved Jets, Calls For “Disgusting” Zach Wilson To Be Traded

“ENOUGH!!”: Joe Namath BLASTS His Beloved Jets, Calls For “Disgusting” Zach Wilson To Be Traded
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There may never be a greater example of a fan base and organization going from 100 to zero in a split second than the 2023 New York Jets.

Long considered to be a cursed franchise, Jets fans – for the first time in a veryyy long time – had reason to not only be excited, but to believe that they were truly Super Bowl contenders as they entered this season. 

Then POP!!! – Aaron Rodgers tears his Achilles tendon on just the fourth play of the Jets very first series of the season. 

Despite the loss of Rodgers for (most likely) the season, a playoff spot is not impossible for Gang Green, considering how talented their roster is. 

There’s just one (vital) requirement – You need a competent quarterback.. I’m not saying a Pro Bowl quarterback. I’m not saying a top-15 quarterback. I’m not even saying a top-25 quarterback. I’m just saying a competent quarterback.

In other words, you CAN’T have Zach Wilson.

The former #2 overall pick is one of the biggest draft busts in recent memory. Every single person in the football world knows this except Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh and Zach’s mother.

Saleh has reaffirmed time and time again that the team is fully committed to stick with Wilson for the entire season.

In other words, it’s going to get extremely ugly in the Tri-State area.

In fact, it already has – and perhaps no one is more disgusted with Wilson and the team’s blind faith in him than the most famous New York Jet of all time, Joe Namath. 

Appearing on “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN radio, Broadway Joe did not hold back his anger and frustration over Wilson and the state of the entire franchise. 

When asked if he saw any positives at all in Wilson’s performance against the Patriots on Sunday, Namath responded bluntly.

“No, I didn’t take anything positive out of it yesterday. It was awful,” he said. 

He was particularly disgusted with a play where Wilson seemingly quit: “You sit down on the play, you go right down? What happened? I thought you were trying to make plays and win. You quit on a play. What is going on? It’s disgusting.”

“How many months ago was that to learn the offense? How many months ago was that? Come on. Now, Aaron, he got hurt, OK. Well, what do you think you have backups for?”

“They’re ready to go, they’re supposed to be ready to go. We’re looking at an offense that just doesn’t play well. You’ve got an offensive coordinator that doesn’t seem to be calling the right plays. I just think for this fan, they’ve got to make major changes from top to bottom.

“Yes [that includes Saleh]. When he’s telling me that locker room is together, when he’s telling me these guys love one another, yeah, well thanks a lot. You can go back to whatever place you learned that stuff. They’re losing. Guys don’t like to lose. They’re not holding hands when they’re losing.”

“Send (Wilson) to Kansas City to backup against somebody like [Patrick] Mahomes and maybe learn something. I wouldn’t keep him … I’ve seen enough of Zach Wilson.”

Strong words from Broadway Joe – But as a I said, Saleh remains fully committed to Wilson for some inexplicable reason…

“He’s our unquestioned quarterback, guys,” Saleh told reporters “As long as he continues to show in his preparation, the way he’s been practicing and even in these games, guys. He’s not the reason we lost (to New England).”

“It’s always a team effort. As long as he continues to show improvement, and I know from a box score standpoint it’s not showing, he’s going to be our quarterback.”

It’s true that as a head coach, you can’t listen to the fans. You have to make the best decisions at all times that give your team the best possible chance to win each game. Period.

However, if you stick with Zach Wilson as your starting quarterback, you are giving up on the season. There’s absolutely no other way to look at it. And it’s not just the fans that think that, it’s every single player in the locker room as well.

There are reports that veterans Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz have reached out to express their interest in joining the Jets. (Ryan has downplayed that report, but still.)

Current free agent quarterbacks include Super Bowl champions Nick Foles and Joe Flacco (who was with the team last year), along with the savvy Colt McCoy and Chase Daniel. 

There’s also some who believe that current backup Tim Boyle could be a hidden gem.

It also wouldn’t hurt to gauge the interest of retired QB’s Philip Rivers and Ryan Fitzpatrick. There’s also speculation that Drew Brees has the itch to come back.  

Again, it wouldn’t hurt to ask – But according to reports, the Jets haven’t asked nor have any interest in asking. 

What do you think the Jets should do?

Do you agree that sticking with Wilson is the equivalent of punting away the season?

Or are you part of the 0.001% that believe Wilson can be fixed in time to turn this season around?

Either way, make sure you give Broadway Joe a follow on social media – Below is just a taste of the real-time passion he provides on game day…

“WRONG DIRECTION ZACH! Step UP into that pocket!”

“Why would Zach just go down when he could’ve spun outta there and maybe found a receiver, bought some time. Geez.”

“If the ground is slippery it’s like that for both teams!… It’s disgusting to see us throw short of the first down marker on 3rd if the receiver isn’t running vertically.”

“I’m starting to wonder if Zach’s playing like he’s being coached. He’s making choices that are not intuitive to the quarterback position.”

“If the team doesn’t start playing better you’ve gotta start looking at the coaches and general manager.”




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