Enough Is Enough!: Cardinals Planning To Pursue THIS Major Target This Offseason

St. Louis is one of the best baseball towns in America.

Even if you’re a Cardinal-hater, if there is such a thing outside of Chicago, it’s a tough sight to see the redbirds out of the playoffs.

After this disastrous season, it’s clear that a whole lot needs to be done to bring the organization back to where they once were. 

According to reports, the Cardinals are expected to pursue ace pitcher Aaron Nola this offseason.. That would be a hell of a good start.

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch spoke about the potential pursuit of Nola…

“The 30-year-old right-hander is scheduled to become a free agent after the World Series, and he fits the profile of the experienced pitcher the Cardinals want to add from the outside to lead their staff.”

“The Cardinals, according to sources, intend to make an overture to attempt and sign him, and they’re aware of the auction that will develop for the right-hander. He’s had the consistent 200-inning, 200-strikeout seasons they covet, and he’s had postseason success – right here in river city, right in front of their eyes,” Goold said. 

Nola’s track record in Major League Baseball speaks for itself. He’s a former All-Star and has received Cy Young award votes in three of the last five seasons, showcasing his star-quality.

However, 2023 has been a challenging year for the Phillies #2 starter, with a 4.62 ERA and a career-high home run rate. Nola has also shown vulnerability in the middle innings, with a 5.54 ERA in innings three through six.

Nevertheless, his reputation as a strikeout artist with a diverse arsenal of off-speed pitches makes him an attractive prospect for the Cardinals. Nola had entered the 2023 season with an impressive 3.47 ERA since 2018, highlighting his potential to return to top form.

The Cardinals could also target pitchers such as Blake Snell, Sonny Gray, Lucas Giolito, and Lance Lynn.

What do you think St. Louis should do to get back on track?