Emotional Nolan Arenado Knows Trade Is Possible.. But To Where?

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman and All-Star starter Nolan Arenado has been one of the league’s best players for a long time now.

Thought to be a cornerstone for the proud and historic Cardinals, those plans seemed to have dramatically changed.

Arenado expressed awareness of his potential trade status as the MLB trade deadline approaches.

Despite his superstar status, Arenado acknowledged that the baseball industry operates as a business, citing his previous trade experience as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the game.

Speaking from the All-Star festivities in Seattle, Arenado reflected on the possibility of being traded, stating, “It is a business, right? I’ve been traded once. I think that shocked a lot of people at that time. I guess it doesn’t surprise me anymore what happens in this game.”

Arenado, the lone Cardinals representative in this year’s Midsummer Classic, voiced his disappointment with the team’s performance in the first half of the season.

The Cardinals, usually a strong contender, find themselves in last place in the National League Central, trailing the division-leading Cincinnati Reds by 11.5 games and sitting 14 games below .500.

“We’re all surprised with what’s going on here,” Arenado admitted. “It’s been a tough first half. Nobody wants this. We know St. Louis fans aren’t happy about it, and we completely understand. If they’re not happy about it, then you can imagine where we’re at.”

Although the Cardinals have several players with expiring contracts who might be more likely trade candidates, including left-hander Jordan Montgomery and right-hander Jack Flaherty, Arenado acknowledged that unexpected moves could still occur.

“It would still be surprising seeing certain things happen,” Arenado stated. “But I understand that there’s certain things that probably should.”

Despite the team’s struggles, Arenado’s performance has remained consistent. The eight-time All-Star, known for his impressive defensive skills, earned his eighth career All-Star nod as a starter for the National League team. 

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