Home NFL Eagles Fans Suggest Matt Araiza as Replacement After Team Lets Go of Punter Arryn Siposs

Eagles Fans Suggest Matt Araiza as Replacement After Team Lets Go of Punter Arryn Siposs

Eagles Fans Suggest Matt Araiza as Replacement After Team Lets Go of Punter Arryn Siposs
(Credit: Steve Luciano/AP Photo)

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Eagles let go of their only punter, Arryn Siposs. With just 12 days until their season opener, the team is without a punter. Many fans believe the answer might be Matt Araiza, known as “Punt God.”

However, Araiza was released by the Buffalo Bills last season after claims arose accusing him of being involved in a serious incident. While the police did not charge Araiza due to insufficient evidence, the legal challenges aren’t over. The young woman involved took the matter to civil court. Araiza, asserting his innocence, has decided not to settle and has even filed a countersuit.

Despite the legal cloud, Araiza is considered among the top available punters right now. With every other NFL team seemingly settled on their punter, the Eagles, aiming for a Super Bowl run, are in need.

They’ve shown in the past they’re willing to consider players with legal concerns. They drafted Jalen Carter after he was involved in a tragic accident. However, Carter’s legal issues were resolved by the time the draft took place. Araiza’s situation is ongoing, but he’s stood firm on his innocence, and some supporting evidence has emerged.

Eagles fans have been vocal, with many voicing their opinions on X, previously known as Twitter. They want the team to at least give Araiza a tryout. To date, only the Jets have given him a workout but didn’t sign him.

Given the pressing need, the Eagles might have to make a decision soon. Will they call Araiza?

More updates to come…


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