Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Speaks Out About Security Officer’s Ejection During 49ers Game (VIDEO)

During the Eagles’ game against the 49ers, an incident involving linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Eagles security chief Dom DiSandro led to both of them being ejected from the game.

The altercation occurred after Greenlaw suplexed Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith, prompting Philadelphia’s sideline to call for a penalty. In response, Greenlaw shoved his finger into DiSandro’s face.

Referees ejected both Greenlaw and DiSandro from the game, and DiSandro received a standing ovation from the fans as he left the field.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni addressed the situation during a press conference, praising DiSandro for his role in defusing conflicts. Sirianni expressed his disappointment that the incident led to ejections.

In addition to being ejected, Greenlaw was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness.

Reports suggest that the NFL may take action against the Eagles or DiSandro due to the incident, but Sirianni stated that they have not received any communication from the league regarding potential discipline.

Dom DiSandro, often referred to as “Big Dom,” has served as the senior advisor to the general manager and chief security officer for the Eagles for 25 seasons. His responsibilities include overseeing safety and security matters for Eagles personnel and managing security at the team’s training complex.