Duke SHOCKS #9 Clemson After QB Riley Leonard’s Mother Tells Him He “Sucks”

In a world where athletes often turn to inspiring quotes or encouraging verses for motivation, Duke University’s quarterback, Riley Leonard, has embraced an unconventional approach to keep himself grounded and driven.

Leonard’s secret weapon? A two-word mantra that might raise eyebrows: “You suck.”

While most starting quarterbacks, especially those at Power-5 schools, are showered with praise, Leonard has chosen to take a unique and somewhat self-deprecating path to motivation.

Instead of wearing wristbands with uplifting messages, he proudly sports one that boldly proclaims, “You suck.” But what sets this approach apart is the unwavering support of his mother, who diligently texts him the same two-word message before every game.

This unorthodox method deviates from the norm in the world of athlete motivation, where positive affirmations and inspirational quotes are typically the go-to sources of encouragement. 

However, Leonard’s unconventional approach seems to be paying off handsomely. Last season, he flashed impressive ability, completing 64% of his passes for a total of 2,967 yards. On top of that, he threw for 20 touchdowns while only being intercepted six times.

That is all child’s play compared to what Leonard and the Blue Devils accomplished last night, however. 

Duke shocked the college football world as they stunned the #9 ranked Clemson Tigers 28-7.

The highlight of the game was Leonard’s 44-yard touchdown run which proved to be vital in the Blue Devils shocking upset.

He looked like Duke legend Danny Dimes with that burst!

Needless to say, it was a crushing loss for Dabo Swinney and the Tigers who shot themselves in the foot all night long, especially with inexplicable turnovers down at the goal line.

What do you think about Leonard’s unique approach? Clearly, he’s doing what works for him and it sure as hell paid off last night.

Although Duke appears to be much better than we all thought, does the loss virtually eliminate Clemson from the Playoff picture???