Dug Up!!: Sean Payton’s Old Comments On Caleb Williams May Spell Doom For Russell Wilson

Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton did not mince words after the team’s disastrous 70-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins last Sunday.

The disappointing Broncos fell to 0-3 and questions have arisen about a severe lack of effort on the team. 

Payton’s frustration was palpable, and his comments have fueled speculation about the team’s future, particularly concerning star quarterback Russell Wilson.

While the Broncos’ woes cannot be solely attributed to Wilson, questions about his performance and longevity as the team’s signal-caller have begun to surface.

Wilson’s massive contract is looking worse and worse by the day.

Payton took last year off from coaching. He joined FOX Sports as an analyst (and was very good). What separated him from most of his colleagues was the fact that he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, even though he’d knew he’d inevitably be rejoining the coaching ranks.

In a November 2022 appearance on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” Payton spoke glowingly about USC quarterback (and eventual Heisman Trophy winner) Caleb Williams.

“I think he’s a generational player … At some point, we’re going to move to a lottery system in the NFL. This is a player that possibly does that,” Payton said, speaking to just how special of a prospect he believes Williams is. 

Caleb Williams, the projected #1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, has been turning heads in the college football world. He garnered widespread attention after clinching the 2022 Heisman Trophy following a remarkable season with the Trojans.

He’s off to another red-hot start this season and has a chance to win the Heisman again.

Payton would never “tank” – But with Denver struggling as mightily as they are, should they have their eyes set on Williams?

Have you seen enough of Wilson???

(Not a good few years for the Wilson’s, huh?)