Does Reggie Bush Deserve His Heisman Back??: Johnny Manziel Says Hell Yes!

Former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has been in the news quite a bit recently.

Despite his failed NFL career, he seems to have landed on his feet off-the-field and is the subject of a great new Netflix documentary: “Untold: Johnny Football.”

Manziel, a former Heisman Trophy winner himself, believes that former USC running back Reggie Bush should be awarded his Heisman back, which was vacated due to NCAA violations.

Manziel, urging for the reinstatement of Bush’s vacated Heisman Trophy, took to social media to express his passionate belief that Bush deserves recognition for his exceptional college football career.

“There is nothing I want to see more than for Reggie to get his Heisman back,” Manziel posted. “I think what the NCAA did in that situation is complete bullsh*t. He is one of the best college football players in history and deserves to be on that stage with us every year. The only difference between my story and Reggie’s is that my ‘illegal activities’ did not start until after my Heisman season.”

The controversy surrounding Bush’s Heisman Trophy revolved around allegations that he had received impermissible benefits from a marketing agency during his tenure with the Trojans.

These actions, considered “illegal” under NCAA regulations at the time, led to the vacating of Bush’s prestigious award and tarnished his collegiate legacy.

However, in the current Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) era, such actions would be deemed entirely legal.

Bush’s situation highlights the evolving landscape of college athletics, where players now have the opportunity to profit from their own marketing efforts without jeopardizing their eligibility.

Bush’s electrifying performances on the field were undeniable. He secured a staggering 784 out of 892 possible first-place votes when he claimed the Heisman Trophy in 2005, prevailing over his teammate Matt Leinart and Texas quarterback Vince Young.

During that remarkable season, Bush showcased his dominance as a dual-threat back, rushing for an impressive 1,740 yards (an astounding 8.7 yards per carry) while scoring 16 touchdowns.

His versatility was further evident through his 37 receptions for 478 yards and two additional touchdowns.

Despite support from Manziel and many others, the prospect of Bush’s Heisman reinstatement remains uncertain.

Do you think Bush should get his Heisman back?

Who is the best college football running back you’ve ever seen?