“DIDN’T WANT TO WORK!!”: NFL Legend DESTROYS Dolphins Culture, Claims They Care More About Partying Than Football … Whose Side Are You On??

Who would have thought that Vic Fangio’s departure from the Miami Dolphins would turn into such a dramatic episode.

Despite the Dolphins having a strong defense – one that played well enough to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card Round – head coach Mike McDaniel decided to kick DC Fangio to the curb.

Immediately following the announcement, we began to hear stories of how it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows down in Miami…

NFL super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents several Dolphins players, spoke publicly about how unliked Fangio was among the majority of the players.

Well, former NFL great and longtime friend of Fangio – Ron Jaworski – went to bat for his buddy…

Appearing on Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie’s WIP Philadelphia radio show, Jaworski responded all the criticism aimed at Fangio…

“Coaches coach. I have connections as well around this league and I hear another side of that story, that there were some players on that defense that didn’t want to work,” Jaws said.

“(They) didn’t want to put the time in, didn’t want to put the effort in, didn’t want to make the commitment to be successful.”

“Guys like to party at night and South Beach is really a great place to party. And Vic tried to get those guys and push those guys to become harder workers and better athletes, and more committed to their team. And he couldn’t get through to those guys … Those were the guys that Vic was pushing and they’re the guys that are whining right now,” he said.

Jaworski vehemently defended Fangio against Rosenhaus’ claims that the coach didn’t have a positive relationship with many players on the Dolphins roster.

“You won’t find a better man, a football lifer, a guy dedicated to his profession, a great designer, not an ego that impacts anyone else,” Jaws said.

Fangio, a Pennsylvania native, has a long history with Jaworski dating back to the mid-1980s when Fangio served as an unpaid assistant with the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars.

Now, he’s back in the state as the newly-hired defensive coordinator for the Philadelpha Eagles…

Some Dolphins players applauded Fangio’s departure on social media, which is never a good look…

Jevon Holland, a third-year safety, posted a video seemingly celebrating, while rookie cornerback Cam Smith shared an unlocked emoji.

However, All-Pro wideout Tyreek Hill took a different approach and expressed shock at Fangio’s abrupt exit.

“I respected him a lot,” Hill said on a Twitch stream, adding that Fangio was “old school” and reminded him of his former Chiefs coach, Andy Reid.

“I’m cool with that kind of stuff … I’m not surprised though if he’s gonna land in Philly because people talk around the league, behind closed doors it was like, ‘Hey, Vic he’s trying to get to Philly anyways.’”

“I learned a lot from him, even though it was quick and he’s really a guru at defense. He’s just got to learn how to fit in with his players.”

What are your thoughts on the whole situation?

Are you on Fangio/Jaws’ side? … Or are you on the players’ side?

Either way, Fangio will have his work cut out for him in Philly … They have a lot of talent on that defense, but they clearly lost their way this season.

Will he be able to get the Eagles back to being an elite defensive unit???