Home NFL Did Robert Kraft’s Expensive Renovations Prevent Pats From Signing DeAndre Hopkins??

Did Robert Kraft’s Expensive Renovations Prevent Pats From Signing DeAndre Hopkins??

Did Robert Kraft’s Expensive Renovations Prevent Pats From Signing DeAndre Hopkins??

The New England Patriots recently announced jaw-dropping renovations to their home, Gillette Stadium.

Owner Robert Kraft invested an astonishing $250 million into the largest upgrades which feature an impressive 22-story lighthouse, a unique addition that is set to become an iconic feature of the stadium.

In addition to the lighthouse, there will be new premium spaces that promise to enhance the game-day experience.

The most important addition to the stadium is the installation of the largest video board of its kind in the country – something that Patriots fans are sure to love. 

“The New England Patriots and the Kraft Family are finalizing $250 million in renovations to Gillette Stadium – the largest upgrade in its history. 22-story lighthouse, new premium spaces, largest video board of its kind in the country. They’re set to be ready by Week 1.”

The ambitious project has garnered attention and excitement across the league.

However, a large portion of Patriots fans were quite annoyed because they feel the expensive renovations were the reason why the team cheaped-out and didn’t sign wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

They came close with their contract offer to Hopkins – but ultimately the guaranteed portion of the deal wasn’t up to his liking, and he left for Tennessee instead.

Do you believe Kraft (and Belichick) were too cheap? Or do you think it was wise to draw a line in the Hopkins negotiations?

Either way, fans voiced their frustration on social media…

“Dear Patriots Nation, The reason we couldn’t sign DeAndre Hopkins is we spent $250mil on a gigantic scoreboard & lighthouse w/ an observation deck. Enjoy the new features and views. Sincerely, Bob Kraft. P.S. Parking lots across the street from the stadium are free on gameday.”

“Bob Kraft said he didn’t want it pay money because he just bought the team a giant scoreboard. DeAndre Hopkins chooses Titans over Patriots, reports say.”

“Great, we can get photo ops at the 250 million dollar lighthouse and reminisce about Brady and the six Super Bowls while we go 6-11 every year.”

“Great upgrades for the elites in Massachusetts who can only afford to be in these places forget about the blue collar fan they don’t get anything but higher ticket prices.”



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