Dez Bryant Calls Out Will Levis’ Ex-girlfriend After Titans’ Comeback Victory Against Dolphins

Dez Bryant had some intriguing advice for rookie quarterback Will Levis in the wake of the Tennessee Titans’ remarkable comeback victory over the Miami Dolphins on “Monday Night Football.”

In a message posted on X, Bryant, a former NFL wide receiver with a significant career at the Dallas Cowboys, urged Levis to maintain his focus on his burgeoning NFL career rather than revisiting a past relationship.

Bryant’s message, seemingly referring to Gia Duddy, who had previously dated Levis before reports of their split emerged in September, emphasized that Levis should prioritize his status as a rising franchise quarterback.

Bryant’s message to Levis read, “I’m sitting here looking at the recap Dolphins vs Titans. Then I randomly thought about Will Levis Draft day! If you are thinking don’t take your ex-girlfriend back bro. She got endorsements sitting next to you on draft night I remember. She wasted no time making herself the priority after going viral. You got a chance to be a franchise QB make it a priority! Great win champ!”

Levis, who faced a draft night slide out of the first round earlier in the year, played a pivotal role in the Titans’ come-from-behind victory over Miami, securing a 28-27 win.

After the game, Levis expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s awesome. I’m pumped. We are going to have a fun (plane) ride home.”

Prior to establishing himself as the Titans’ starting quarterback in October, Levis was determined to prove his critics wrong. His NFL Draft night was memorable, with Duddy, a Penn State graduate and influencer, accompanying him during the lengthy wait. During the draft, Duddy’s viral appearance led to various brand deals.

Levis even mentioned Duddy’s Burger King endorsement during a podcast appearance. While there were reports of a breakup around the beginning of the NFL season, TMSPN later reported that Levis and Duddy had reconciled and were on good terms.

Through seven games this season, Levis has thrown eight touchdowns with three interceptions. The Titans (5-8) are set to face the Houston Texans (7-6) on Sunday afternoon.