Dez Bryant Calls Out Cowboys For Jerking Around Trevon Diggs: Does He Have A Point??

In the ongoing saga of contract negotiations between the Cowboys and star cornerback Trevon Diggs, former Dallas receiver Dez Bryant has added his voice to the conversation.

Bryant, known for his candidness and love for his former team, disclosed that he has been in communication with Diggs throughout the extension talks, shedding light on where the discussions currently stand.

The talks between Diggs and the Cowboys started in early June, but little information has surfaced since then. However, Bryant’s recent comments provide some insight into the situation.

Via his Personal Corner Spaces, Bryant stated: “I’ll say this, he is not trying to knock them across the head, I will say that. And I will say they’re not trying to be fair to him. And I feel like what he’s asking for, he is rightfully deserving of that contract. You know, I believe it should all be guaranteed.”

Although Bryant refrained from delving into full details, his words raised eyebrows, particularly his emphasis on “all guaranteed.” This suggests that Diggs might be seeking a fully guaranteed contract, something that is uncommon in the NFL and frowned upon by front offices. 

Diggs has become a standout player in the Cowboys secondary during his first three seasons. The former Alabama product boasts an impressive resume, with 49 passes defended, 17 interceptions, including an impressive league-leading 11 in 2021, and two Pro Bowl selections, along with a first-team All-Pro nod.

Despite his solid performance, Diggs, like many players, still has areas to improve upon, such as limiting big plays against him. However, his overall impact on the team as a playmaker has been undeniable.

The Cowboys management is undoubtedly aware of the market value for top corners, with players of Diggs’ caliber commanding contracts of around $20 million per year.

But amidst the Diggs negotiations, the Cowboys also have a laundry list of other players due for new deals, including quarterback Dak Prescott, guard Zach Martin, and promising young talents like receiver CeeDee Lamb and linebacker Micah Parsons, with tackle Terence Steele potentially in the mix as well.

The central issue in these contract talks, as Bryant puts it, is defining what is “fair.” Both the Cowboys and Diggs’s camp must navigate this delicate balance to reach a mutually satisfying agreement. As the negotiations continue, Dallas fans will eagerly await a resolution.

What type of contract do you think Diggs is worth?