Despite Being Overwhelmed Once Again, Deion Sanders Insists Bright Days Ahead For Buffs

Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes have been the talk of the college football world so far this season.

However, the hype train seems to be slowing down following two straight losses.

Following their 48-41 defeat to the USC Trojans, Coach Prime wanted to make it clear that this is the worst that his Buffs are going to be. 

He spoke of all the attention, both positive and negative, that they’ve been getting.

“I don’t know if it’s all love. I don’t think it’s all love,” he said of the mixed reactions Colorado has been getting the past few weeks.

“You haven’t checked the responses from the coaches that we’re participating against. But we’re excited, truly, with the attention that’s warranted to this wonderful, beautiful university.”

“I’m excited and elated to be the coach here. I’m excited to really talk about the wonderful attributes that we possess.”

“I’m happy and thankful that we’re a voice of hope. Just desire and want, I think that’s the thing that’s touching souls around the country.”

“That person that no one believes in, that person that no one desires, that person that’s stepped over, stepped by and stepped past. We represent that person,” he continued. 

Sanders also addressed the skepticism surrounding his program.

“No one wants to see what we’re doing. They don’t want to see us accomplish what we’re doing … I said, and I will reiterate this, you have to be crazy if you can’t see the direction that we’re headed.”

“I’m so happy and thankful to be the head coach of this wonderful university,” he proudly said. 

Colorado’s football program has undergone a significant transformation under Coach Prime’s leadership. After winning only one game last season, the Buffaloes now hold a 3-2 record through five weeks.

Of course, there’s no overlooking what has happened these past two games where they were overwhelmed by both Oregon and USC (although they made a late run against the Trojans).

Sanders has been very clear about the areas that Colorado needs to improve in – specifically singling out the offensive and defensive lines. 

What do you make of the job Deion is doing thus far?

Do you think Colorado is in trouble as we get deeper into conference play? 

On a side note, you gotta love Nikola Jokic!