Deshaun Watson Ruled OUT For Season As “Worst Trade In History” Debate Concludes

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson’s 2023 season is over.

The team released a statement detailing his decision to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.

“Deshaun Watson underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Monday on two injuries sustained on different plays in the first half of Sunday’s 33-31 win over the Baltimore Ravens,” the statement read.

“Imaging on his left ankle revealed a high-ankle sprain. In addition, postgame, Deshaun notified our medical staff of a new discomfort in his right shoulder that he felt after a hit in the first half. An MRI of his right shoulder revealed a displaced fracture to the glenoid.”

“Despite performing at a high level and finishing the game, after consultation with Browns Head Physician, James Voos, MD, and industry-leading shoulder specialist, Neal El-Attrache, MD, it has been determined that this injury will require immediate surgical repair to avoid further structural damage.”

“Deshaun will be placed on season-ending injured reserve and a full recovery is expected for the start of the 2024 season.”

Needless to say, the $230 million FULLY-GUARANTEED contract the Browns signed him to looks like it will go down as the single-worst contract in NFL history…


Combined Watson’s struggles on the field, his ability to even stay on it due to injury issues and his checkered past, and you have the perfect candidate for “worst trade of all-time.”

After all, the Browns traded three first round picks (and more) for Watson … At the time is looked horrible. Now, it looks even worse.

Former Super Bowl champion, now ESPN analyst, Chris Canty called it the worst trade in NFL history…

On ESPN Radio this morning, host Chris Canty, a former NFL defensive lineman, called the move the “worst” trade in league history.

“I hesitate to say that it was the wrong decision based on when they did it. Hindsight is always going to be 20/20. But this will go down, because of this injury and everything that’s happened prior, as the worst trade in NFL history,” Canty said.

“That is not hyperbole. That is just fact. We gave you three first-round draft picks, plus we guaranteed the player $230 million…”

He’s certainly not wrong.

As for Watson, he spoke about his disappointment in yet another season finished on the sidelines…

“It’s very tough … Hurt about it,” he said.

“I’m still in disbelief. I’m still trying to process all the information. I felt like we were turning a corner to really make a run and still believe we still will with the guys in this locker room.”

“I just wanted to physically be a part of it … It’s tough to try to wrap everything around my head right now.”

Despite the setback, the 6-3 Browns currently hold the #6 seed in the AFC.

With a defense as strong as theirs, they’re expected to remain in the playoff hunt throughout the stretch run of the season.

What do you think about Watson?

Is it indeed the worst trade in NFL history?

Will the Browns end up making the playoffs???