DeSantis Commits $1 Million For Legal Action Following FSU Football Playoff Exclusion

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has put forth a budget proposal for 2024-25 that includes setting aside $1 million in state funds for potential litigation concerning the exclusion of Florida State University (FSU) from this year’s College Football Playoff (CFP).

Despite FSU’s impressive 13-0 record and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) championship, the CFP committee controversially left them out of the playoff, a decision that Governor DeSantis strongly criticized.

He emphasized that the allocated $1 million would cover any legal expenses that might arise due to what he deemed a “poor decision” by the CFP to exclude an undefeated team like FSU.

While it’s uncertain whether Florida State will pursue legal action or what specific remedies they might seek, Governor DeSantis expressed his frustration with the committee’s decision on social media, congratulating FSU on their successful season and ACC championship.

In the upcoming four-team playoff, top-ranked and undefeated Michigan will face Alabama, while Washington will take on Texas in the semifinals. Florida State, on the other hand, will compete in the Orange Bowl against Georgia.

Several other prominent figures from Florida, including Senator Rick Scott and former President Donald Trump, also criticized the playoff committee’s decision. Trump humorously blamed Governor DeSantis for FSU’s exclusion in a social media post.

Despite the criticism, Governor DeSantis defended his positions in interviews, highlighting previous disagreements with Trump on various issues and challenging him to a debate.

This budget proposal reflects the ongoing controversy surrounding the College Football Playoff selection process and its impact on the teams involved.