Derek Jeter Causes Massive Stir With His Epic Yankees Trade Proposal

Legendary Yankee Derek Jeter is now a FOX Sports MLB analyst, and he made quite a bold suggestion for his former team to bolster their offense.

During a segment on FOX’s All-Star coverage, Jeter proposed that the Yankees consider pursuing outfielder Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres, provided they don’t turn their season around.

“I do believe the San Diego Padres could get hot and really make some waves in the National League West,” Jeter commented. “But if they don’t, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Yankees go out and get Juan Soto. You don’t know how long Judge is going to be out, they need some offense, I think it makes sense.”

Jeter, now working alongside Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz, told Rodriguez that he would play Soto “wherever he wants” in the outfield.

The Yankees, currently sitting in fourth place in the competitive AL East and one game out of a contested wild-card spot, are in dire need of an offensive boost.

The Bombers offense has struggled this season, ranking 19th in baseball in runs scored and 26th in on-base percentage. The absence of Aaron Judge, who has been sidelined with a right toe injury since June 3, has severely impacted the team’s performance.

Meanwhile, Juan Soto, the 24-year-old outfielder for the Padres, has been having another outstanding season, batting .265/.419/.479 with 15 home runs.

However, the Padres, like the Yankees, find themselves in fourth place in their division, with the Yankees in a better position for a wild-card spot, sitting just one game behind.

Considering the Padres potential willingness to trade Soto, it is likely they would expect a massive package – but they’d still require significant talent in return. 

Realistically, Soto would require the Yankees to part ways with some of their best prospects and possibly established MLB talent as well.

Despite the potential cost, acquiring a superstar like Soto could reinvigorate the Yankees season and provide the offensive boost they desperately need.

Following Jeter’s ambitious trade idea, David Ortiz chimed in with a wish of his own. The former Boston Red Sox slugger expressed his desire for the Red Sox to acquire both batting and pitching help, highlighting Shohei Ohtani as a prime target.

“I would like the Red Sox to get Shohei Ohtani. We need batting and we need pitching, but we only got room for one guy,” Ortiz revealed. “Just give half of the team, I don’t care.”

While Jeter and Ortiz’s wishes may be ambitious, they underscore the excitement and speculation surrounding trade possibilities as the deadline quickly approaches. 

Should the Padres be open to trading Soto?

Would he be a good fit for the Yankees?