Deion Sanders Reveals Who He Believes Is The Greatest College Football Coach Of All-Time

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has been the talk of college football.

Although all the hype and hoopla is now calming down due to the Buffs struggles on the field.

Regardless, Coach Prime’s word always carries weight – and he recently revealed who he believes is the best coach in college football history. 

Speaking with On3, Deion admitted that Alabama head coach Nick Saban is the “greatest college football coach that ever lived.”

“Honestly this is one of the fondest times of the year when I get to shoot the commercials because I’m with Coach Saban and I just get to be a kid in the candy shop with, to me, the greatest college football coach that ever lived,” Deion said.

“I just get to bombard him with question after question after questions until he gives me that look like alright now, it’s enough,” Deion jokingly said.

Sanders, who earlier this year declared himself the best coach in the country during an interview with 60 Minutes, seemed to have altered his stance when discussing Saban.

“Let me see a mirror so I can look at it,” Sanders quipped, asserting his self-proclaimed “best coach” title. “You think I’m gonna sit up here and tell you someone else?”

Despite this declaration, Deion made it clear that he still held Saban in high regard.

“I love and I adore and I respect, and every time I do a commercial with Coach Saban, it’s a gift just sitting in his presence,” he expressed.

Who do you consider the greatest college football coach of all-time???