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Deion Sanders Responds to ESPN Commentator’s Critique of His Team’s Roster

Deion Sanders Responds to ESPN Commentator’s Critique of His Team’s Roster
(Credit: David Zalubowski/AP)

Deion Sanders responds to comments about his Colorado team’s players.

During a segment on The Next Round, ESPN commentator Tom Luginbill expressed doubts about the strength of the Colorado football team.

Luginbill shared, “I think we’re going to finally see, for all the hoopla and all of the hype going into the offseason with Deion Sanders and Colorado, it does not mask the fact that they don’t have any players on that roster,”.

Sanders took to Instagram to address Luginbill’s comment, asking, “Wow! Have u been here to see any of the talent live?”

While Luginbill did acknowledge the team had a few good players, like transfer Travis Hunter and quarterback Shedeur Sanders, Deion’s son, he feels the team lacks strength in key areas.

Since joining Colorado, Sanders has made big changes to the team, with many players coming and going. Fans are optimistic about what Sanders can bring, but betting places aren’t as hopeful, estimating the team might win just 3.5 games. Whether Luginbill’s predictions come true or not, Sanders seems to disagree with his negative view.

Everyone’s eager to see Sanders in action as Colorado faces TCU this coming Saturday on FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff game.


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