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Deion Sanders Plays Victim: “Teams Are Trying To Beat ME,” Not My Team…

Deion Sanders Plays Victim: “Teams Are Trying To Beat ME,” Not My Team…
(Credit: Helen H. Richardson / Denver Post via Getty Images)

Now, it’s time for your mandatory Deion Sanders story of the day.

Coming off the humbling and humiliating blowout loss against the Oregon Ducks, Coach Prime will attempt to get his Colorado Buffaloes back on track.

The problem is the road doesn’t get any easier this week, as they are set to welcome in reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and the #8 USC Trojans in front of another national television audience. 

Sanders spoke about the animosity he and the program have been feeling. He believes the hatred is directed solely at him.

“I don’t think there’s a target on our back, I think there’s just – teams are trying to beat me. They’re not trying to beat our team,” he said.

Sanders, a former NFL superstar and beloved Hall of Famer, continued: “They keep forgetting, I’m not playing anymore. I had a great career. I’m serious. I’ve got a gold jacket. I’m good … But that’s what it really is. I don’t think they get any extra satisfaction, you know. It is what it is. I signed up for it, so let’s go.”

Deion’s comments are strange and perhaps a little misguided. Sure, there are some fans who dislike him and root against the Buffs because of that.

But to say that everyone roots against Colorado solely because they don’t like Deion is simply not true. In fact, plenty of people are rooting FOR the Buffs because they love Deion so much.

It’s a classic case of half the people loving something, and the other half hating it – but both sides being extremely interested in it. 

Virtually everyone respects Deion for his phenomenal playing career and the impressive job he’s done in coaching thus far. Taking over a program such as Colorado, while trying to break-in 80+ new players, is no easy task for anyone.

The majority of people who root against Colorado aren’t doing so because they hate Deion Sanders … They’re doing it because they feel his players are way too cocky, despite not having proved a single thing yet.

(This past Saturday in Oregon being the perfect example…)

When you’re disrespectful and behave like that, of course you’re going to draw hatred. You could say that the Buffs attitude trickles down from Sanders. That may or may not be true. But it’s hard to believe that Deion approves of their behavior.

After all, all that trash talk does is provide extra motivation for the opponent. Unfortunately for Colorado, that opponent last Saturday was the national championship-contending Oregon Ducks.

Love him or hate him, the numbers speak for themselves, as they always do. The fact of the matter is Colorado is pulling in enormous TV ratings for their games. 

All you need to know is that Colorado-Oregon had a higher TV rating (10.03 million) than Notre Dame-Ohio State (9.98 million) … Think about that for a second … A 42-6 blowout featuring COLORADO had a higher TV rating than a 17-14 thriller between two of the most historic and prestigious powerhouses in all of college football. 

Deion Sanders is the reason for those ratings. 

Love him or hate him, he is good for college football. 

Now, he has to hold up his end of the bargain by winning games and building a successful program. If he goes 5-7 every year, interest will quickly fade. 

But considering the impact he will surely have in recruiting, it’s safe to assume that the arrow will be pointing up for Colorado (and wherever he goes next).

That’s the impact that Coach Prime has.

As Deion said, “It is what it is. I signed up for it, so let’s go.” … To his credit, he knows what comes with the territory. 

But as Colin Cowherd said, the idea that the whole world hates Deion Sanders is simply not true.

“Deion is not overhyped … What is overreported is the nonsense that a lot of people hate Deion Sanders for a lot of reasons. No, he’s not. He’s fun. This idea that the whole nation is rooting against Deion. He’s always been polarizing. This isn’t a new thing with him,” Cowherd said.

Again, for as much hate as he may get, he is equally as loved – and the bottom line is he is bringing more and more interest and eyeballs to the world of college football. 

What are your thoughts on Coach Prime???



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